Monday, April 9

Orla Kiely's Colorful Abode

Guest post by: Anh-Minh, a fellow blogger who dabbles in freelancing. Her writing has appeared on the decor8 design blog and in the SF Chronicle's Home & Garden section.

Since it's Monday morning, I thought we could all use a little pop of color to get energized. So, for my first guest post on Victoria's lovely blog, I decided to share some images from Orla Kiely's London home — dating back to the July 2005 issue of Living, Etc. (See! Hanging on to old magazines is a good thing!) I love all the bold graphics she's incorporated, as well as the cheery citrusy colors.

The '60s ceiling lamp is from a vintage store; the painting is by Mark Foulds; the orange chair is Pierre Paulin's Model No 437; and the cushions, of course, are her own design.

If I had an open kitchen like this, I might install a hospital track and curtain. I know I wouldn't always be able to keep my surfaces nice and tidy, so I'd want the option to conceal my mess if company's coming.

Here's a close-up of the enamel pots and vintage canisters. (By the way, don't they look like something that you'd find in Victoria's own kitchen?)

Orla lampshade and votives. I like the simplicity of using a big bowl as a receptacle for travel souvenirs such as seashells, matchbooks, etc.

Another punch of color.

The Orla towel provides a nice modern contrast to the old clawfoot tub. The image on the right is her bedroom. That headboard is actually a freestanding wall that hides storage space on the other side. Genius!


cruststation said...

What a beautiful home, I love the high ceiling and that gorgeous 60s ceiling lamp! Obviously the Orla Kiely prints everywhere makes the home much to be desired.

** Terramia ** said...

Gorgeous abode!
I love the crimson staircase... whimsical and full of character!

decor8 said...

Yay A-m! You go girl!! :)

Cher Ami said...

that shelving unit and those stairs are fantastic. I also love the one bright garment piece hanging on the wall!

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks so much Ahn-Minh for the wonderful guest post! I appreciate it so much and you chose such a lovely subject!

Zee Homebug said...

Ah, I remember seeing Orla Kiely's home in a magazine before and just LOVING it! Now that I see it again, I realise that I did the same paint job on my own stairs (except in teal) without realising that's where I'd gotten the inspiration from! Great kitchen too- I'm a big fan of kitchens where cookwares, etc. are on display.

Janice said...

Wow, I wish I had a copy of this magazine too. I always thought life would be better when dressed/living in Orla Kiely. Now I know for sure, sigh. Thanks for sharing!

meg said...

thanks for sharing these images. when domino featured her home, they didn't show enough of it!

i love the sincerity of orla's home. it's not overly clever or trying too hard to impress. it's comfortable, modest, and colorful at the same time. so refreshing!


Abbey H said...

These images are so inspiring! Thanks!