Wednesday, April 9

It's The Little Things.

Reptile(!) from my minime.

I always love spying the little objects d'art around the nooks and crannies and my friends' homes. Little groupings of beloved collections, photographs, souvenirs and mementos are just eye candy to me. Even a favorite coffee mug or their stacks of books all hold a special place in their hearts for various reasons, and I just like getting that inner glimpse of people's personalities, seeking out the special gems that make them, well, them; unique and one of a kind. The things people share out in the open in their homes say a lot about them and endear them to us, I think. Here's some special corners I came across this week on flickr.

Bathroom accessories from yummygoods; and chalk dog dayataglance.

Yarn under a glass dome from dandelion daisy; and some favorite books from oomo.

Silhouettes from poopscape; and cameras from Accolady.

Tiny books from Amyla174; and Holly at decor8's new owl, Oscar.

Little kitchen from elsiemarley; and Valentine's from dayataglance.

Pretty fabric swatches from mamachilangasf; and miniature chair from Chez Larsson.

Breadbin from Paola: mirrormirror and vintage Melmac from why not an egg.

Medicine cabinet from very lame; and Danish deer from homebug.

Vintage dog photo collection from somethings hiding in here; and pottery from On Bradstreet.


Anonymous said...

I love your Flickr round-ups Victoria and this is a particularly lovely topic. And you wouldn't believe how over the moon I am to see a picture of mine included on sfgirlbybay! Thank you!

Alexa Johnson said...

Love the fierce reptile, and what a charming way idea to display lovely bits of fabric!

Unknown said...

Great idea the yarm under a glass!

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to include one of my photos again!

Unknown said...

Wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Tank you for showing my photo! :-) I'm a fan of your blog, so I was thrilled when I saw my little reptile here ;-)

Amy Bradstreet said...

Thanks for including the photo of my pottery and it's lovely to stumble upon your blog!