Wednesday, March 11

Time Out With Erin: DIY Paper Envelopes.

I'm not the most crafty person. Really, it's true. I don't have the patience, the posture or the hand-eye coordination, so when I'm taking time out for myself, it rarely involves anything remotely crafty.

But lately, I've been downloading free craft ideas from The Small Object left and right, and I have to tell you--- they are SO easy. And so cute. And relatively foolproof, which is perfect for a clumsy gal like me.

Tonight I plan to tackle these paper envelope sleeves for organizing my receipts. And tomorrow? Tomorrow I'll be hashing out these thumb-wrestling championship belts for a thumb-wrestling party I plan to host this weekend. See? Being away from your computer isn't half as bad as you thought it would be... ;)

*In case you're unfamiliar, Time Out is the fifth fabulous installment of a new Wednesday column brought to you by Erin Loechner, Editor of Design for Mankind...dedicated to tearing you away from behind the computer monitor and on to enjoying the simple things in life. Enjoy! As always, thanks so much Erin!

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Rachel said...

Sarah is one of my favorite sources of crafty inspiration and she's always so generous with her ideas! I love her.