Thursday, June 29

The Rusty Rolling Thingy Goes BoMo

BoMo (def): Bohemian Modern.

I got this rusty old rolling table at the Former Russian Hill Antiques on Polk Street. It was just $15 buck-a-roos. Again, it has served many purposes: TV table, garden table, a book stand at the foot of my bed. When I find something I like, I just go with it and don't always know what its ultimate use will be. This nugget's latest incarnation is my coffee table. I wanted something unique, something one wouldn't see everywhere. So I had a piece of glass cut for it at my favorite, local glass-cutter man (Star Glass on Pacific @ Polk), lugged the heavy sucker home and da-da!! Coffee Table a la unique. Any kind of unique piece can translate into a cool table once you add the glass. Do be sure and get a nice thick piece - so it's stable and doesn't shatter when possible inebriated guests bump into it!

1 comment:

bunny vague said...

that is well...funny~

I bought a cool little table from Russian Hill antiques- many years ago- and it is now relocated to my deck.

p.s. I love your deck/balcony- looks very cool!