Thursday, July 27

"But I want it," I said in an extremely whiney tone.

And don't I deserve it? I work hard. I walk my dog constantly. I add to my blog regularly. And floss...sometimes. They say if you put it out in the universe, it will come. So here I am universe - I would please like all of the following. Soon, please. Now, if you're in a good mood.

The Eames RAR Rocker from DWR - she's a little slice of Formica, mmmm. I'd even take one in light blue if they're out of lime yellow.

I haven't really been feeling the love for my television set-up. This Paul McCobb Cabinet from X21 Modern would do nicely, thanks!

I think I should be stylish, and comfortable while ogling Timothy Olyphant on Deadwood , so this sofa from Crate & Barrel is the best thing for that, I'm very sure.

And if it would make you feel any better about me lolling about watching the telly, pick me up one of these darling sushi embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching and I'll whip up a cute dish towel.

But I'll need to rest my pretty little head now and this yummy pillow from Anthropologie Home will do the trick.

Now here's something small and reasonable...these cute little bird ornaments to add to the terrace, also from Anthropologie Home . Think of it like killing four birds with one stone!

And last, but not least...a good man, please. No, no, no. This one from X21 Modern is fine. Thanks, universe. You won't be sorry.


sydney said...

I LOVE Paul McCobb's stuff; that cabinet is beautiful. I want one as well!

sfgirlbybay said...

Isn't it dreamy? I want it bad. we'll see what the universe brings. ;)