Monday, July 31

Foggy Weekend Finds

Saturday was one of those typical foggy summer days in San Francisco. As Mark Twain once remarked, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." So I headed north across the Golden Gate to Sausalito in seek of sunshine. Nope, no sun there either. What to do? Check out the Pinestreet Papery, one of my favorite stomping grounds across the bay. I'm a bit of a paper junkie, so put me in a stationery store and I'm bound for some sort of relapse. This weekend's finds: A groovy Oh Boy! Notebook, some funky Angela Adams LuLu writing paper with mix & match envelopes, and finally some mod floral cocktail napkins from PPD (a good hostess should always have these on hand!).

Then back to the City...still fogged in. Time to get my craft on. Been meaning to whip up a little case for the digital camera anyhow. So I came up with this, using a bit of felt and trying out my junior high embroidery skills. Appears they are quite rusty, but perhaps make for a real homemade, folksy look. That's my story, anyway, yeah, I meant to make it look all rough around the edges. I did!
Thankfully, the sun appeared on Sunday so you are saved from any further craftiness.


Sydney said...

I like your camera case; I made similar cases for my sunglasses. Those nice leather Armani and Gucci cases get pretty nasty while knocking around inside of a handbag or briefcase, and they take up a ton of room. The cases that I threw together out of some leftover fleece and felt work great, wear well, and are easily found inside the bag. I can also use them to clean any smudgies on my lenses!

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks Sydney! It was a first attempt, so maybe I better try a sunglass case next and get some more practice. I was going to make one for my iPod as well.

Thanks for being a 'regular'!

jenclair said...

Good idea, not much different than a cell phone case. Looks good and keeps the camera safe from all the miscellaneous stuff in a purse.

All the fun of making it, the practical application, and the attractive, girly pleasure of flowers!

thebutterflycollector said...

mmmm, delicious paper finds, thanks for the great links!