Monday, July 24

S H A R I N G: Rob & Suzanne's Castro Victorian Modern

I thought I'd start sharing with you some of my friends' fabulous flats to better illustrate the design culture which is distinctly San Francisco. It's interesting to see the diverse and modern interiors people design around these old Victorian homes with all their charm and quirks. And I'm beginning with a good one, too.

Allow me to set the stage so y'all get in the proper frame of mind to view this lovely home. I had the pleasure of attending an intimate summer soiree Saturday evening at friends Rob & Suzanne's Castro Victorian. It's been crazy hot for the City, so we were lucky enough to spend an evening dining alfresco in their beautiful backyard garden.

We started the evening with a yummy appetizer and Pimm's Cup cocktails that Brit Rob has a secret recipe for. The menu was made complete with steaks barbecued on the grill to perfection, some lovely new potato & arugula salad and some excellent red wines. I'm making this sound all fancy-schmancy because, frankly, I have fun writing that way, but in truth, it was one of those casual, fun summer dinner parties you remember long after. The food was delicious and the company excellent. And then there was their home. Ready? All in the mood? It is so inviting and warm, and very much making me want to completely redecorate. It felt so 'adult' and pulled together, with richly painted walls and gorgeous moldings, as opposed to my willy-nilly flea market madness. They have a grand old Victorian, with a wonderful, modern twist. Check it out, I think you'll be inspired, too.

Suzanne is a freelance art director and the founder of The Beholder , an online art gallery featuring new artists that would like to connect with a larger audience - perfect for collectors seeking to buy art outside the traditional gallery system. So, naturally, their home has some great artwork, infused in the rooms with their unique personality and character.

They clearly both have an artistic eye and have put together unique pieces like this wood pedestal/sculpture dining base with the thick glass top; and around it sit these fantastic Eames Molded Plywood dining chairs which Suzanne covered herself with cowhide leather from S.H. Frank (on 17th Street in the Mission). They look so amazing and the leather adds such stylish texture and drama to the room. Apparently, it was quite a detailed DIY project, so I am impressed because they look like a pro did 'em.

They were lucky to have the previous owner leave them with this cool light fixture with such soft, diffused light - so uniquely industrial, in contrast to the crown molding framing the doors and ceiling. All of it, really beautiful.

So....that's a bit of San Francisco living for this week. Hope you were as happy to see it as I was to share it. Until the next one...(and thanks again for dinner, guys!)


katie said...

Wow! That's a beautiful home. I'm in love with their garden.

Anonymous said...

The garden is lovely, but I don't think the inside of their home has nearly the personal charm and lovable quirkiness of yours.

sfgirlbybay said...

Well, thank you 'anonymous', but I think if you saw it in person you would see it has tons of charm and character that is difficult to capture in a few photos. They also have bits of whimsy about the house too, especially the artwork. But that's what so cool - everyone's home should be unique to them and their individual style. Yeah for diversity!

thebutterflycollector said...

wow, gorgeous! Sounds like you had fun too! I just found your blog and love it ! I unfortunately did not make it to SF on my big backpacking trip to the states, so for now you will be my wonderful tour guide of all things SF fabulous!!! Will be back to visit soon! Oh and I love that Antropologie umbrella, they have great stuff!!!!

Violetsrose said...

Nope - yours is still better!