Monday, July 17

Shop 'til you drop. Apparently, it can be done.

This weekend I had the pleasure of a visit from my ever so charming 13-year-old niece, Madison. And since she is very much, every bit 13, we shopped. And we shopped and we shopped. I think Saturday was like, ummm, six straight hours of divine consumerism. So, while she was cleaning out Forever Twenty-One and H&M, I was grabbing up some great things for the apartment. In truth, this big spending spree started just prior to the weekend, when I found this great pillow online at by textile designer Joom. Sweet hummingbird, hummmmmm?

I also hit a favorite spot of mine - Friday's San Francisco Flower Mart for my favorite seasonal sunflowers. They're such happy flowers. Be sure to get there early for great prices and freshest selection. It's always special to have fresh cut flowers for the weekend. Just a little slice of Eden.

Some of my Saturday finds include these groovy mismatched plates from Urban Outfitters. I love the patterns and cool colors, and I think they'll work great as salad or dessert plates. Or, just to sit and look pretty on display. Yum.

Lately I've been adding accents in a bit of sunny yellow to my living room area, and since Anthropologie was having a big sale on home accessories, I was lucky to find this lovely little buttercup. It's quite a nice addition, I think.

And last, but not least, fashionista Madison was able to talk me into a few fashion finds...this mod pink & brown cap, some huge movie star frames and this vintage paisley head scarf - thanks Mad! If the pad's going to look good, I had better, too! Is it weird to wear all these inside my own apartment? Nah...


Cash said...

I've actually spent a great deal of time in Bohemia and those people have no idea what you mean when you use the term. For real.

bunny vague said...

love the hummingbird pillow!!!

I want one in purple!

thanks for the name of the website!