Thursday, August 24

Animals As Art. Not Food.

I adore these Pet Portraits by Nicole J. Georges. Nicole is a über talented 25-year old vegan artist from Portland, Oregon who lives and paints with many dogs and two hens at her side. She creates these one of a kind portraits of your favorite pets with loving attention to detail. She works in a variety of mediums - pen & ink, gouache and acrylic and likes to listen to organ music as she works. Whatever the medium, these works of pet art are whimsical and unique - perhaps it's due to the music! They are simply just happy. And somewhat regal, as our pets should be. That's what I take away from them. Nicole has always painted portraits of her own animals and has been drawing them since she could hold a crayon.

She started making them as gifts about three years ago when she painted one as a memorial gift to a friend whose cat had been hit by a car. And although, like many artists, she holds down a day job, when someone suggested she start doing paintings on commission, this wonderful 'sideline' just came together.

Nicole works from photographs, and if you're in Portland, she loves to meet the animals in person before beginning the project. She paints them with crowns, birds, winking - whatever suits the personality of your pet.

Prices range depending on the complexity of the project, but starting at $40 for a pen & ink drawing, I think that's entirely reasonable for an original portrait of your loved one. She has also been note to barter for various trades including, dog treats, coffee drinks and vegan food items. You can reach the very talented Nicole be at for more information.

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