Monday, August 28

Swallowtail: Idol Worship

Can a store be considered a personal hero? An idol at the alter of design and good taste? Well, if so, Russian Hill's Swallowtail is definitely what I worship. I have loved this shop from the day I walked in, and have often contemplated how to be Swallowtail when I grow up. It's quirky, eclectic and full of beautiful objects that I love to dawdle over when I visit.

It's a bit like an art museum of the odd, classical and collectible. And no matter what your taste, I think everyone could find something special here to take home and make their own - their very own pièce de résistance. A show-stopper and showcase signature piece that everyone will be asking about. The store is jam-packed with an overwhelming amount of great finds, you almost have to watch your every step, lest you run into Omar, the resident ram. Every shop needs a large, friendly ram.

Where else would you find a life-size geisha along side antique anatomy charts, vintage chandeliers, contemporary Noguchi lamps and lucite chairs?

Look at this amazing 'wine jacket' handcarved by James Jin. Is that not uniquely fabulous?

In addition to all the other wonderful, one of a kind collectibles, Swallowtail's owner, Sheri Sheridan and her partner Nathan Brown of Disfigure Design are recreating old Louis XV-style chairs with a modern twist. Recovering them in fresh, modern fabrics, including an unconventional camouflage print and bright graphic designs like this one, which pretty much screams 'statement!'

Swallowtail is open Mon-Sun noon-6pm
2217 Polk Street @ Vallejo Street
San Francisco

Also located in Rockridge @ 5332 College Avenue, 510.595.1240

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