Thursday, September 28

Arch. Friend, not enemy.

Located in San Francisco's sunny Portrero Hill Arch is a great graphic-design and drafting-supply store, which I first came to know when stocking the art studio at the ad agency I was working for. They carry all kinds of cool papers, Pantone books, artist's portfolios etc. But they also carry a wonderful assortment of gifts for the home or office, cards and unusual one of a kind type objects d'art. They have tons of fun retro toys and gadgets which always provide me with a little blast from the past. I'm usually quite game to offer my services to pick up supplies for the office, just so I can do a little self-motivated browsing and shopping while there.

These beautiful clear blown Glass Sea Urchins Vases are so delicate and lovely for displays small floral sprigs. A very sweet gift, indeed.

The have a huge selection of Moleskines and other beautiful journals that seems to grow all the time. Almost everything at Arch is priced 10 to 40% below the manufacturer's list price every day. And if you're a teacher or student (with current proof of registration) you can receive an additional discount on class supplies.

Also, try to stop in for The Line Up: Up Against the Wall. An art show presented by the Pacific Center for the Book Arts at Arch coming up next week. It'll give you a good excuse to drop in and check Arch out.

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jordan said...

I love Arch! There is something about having all those "real" art supplies that gives it some serious heft. More than if it were simply a boutique with pretty things. When I made these surprise balls I went to Arch for all my mini prizes.