Tuesday, September 5

We're not in Kansas anymore.

I was just cruising around fabric and pattern designer Amy Butler's Inspiration Site and discovered the link to her Home Studio. It's a lovely, clean and functional combination of live-work environment. The thing I really like about Amy and her design work, is her seamless blend of vintage with modern. I first found out about Amy when I was researching into her husband's David's Art of the Midwest for an advertising illustration I needed to commission. I linked to Amy's site and became a fan immediately. I also include their fantastic collaboration Found Style in my stack of favorite design books. I have yet to buy Amy's latest book In Stitches, but it's top on my list.

Amy says she was never keen on following trends and collects vintage fabrics and uses them in her fresh, modern design work. Her business started while living in Kansas City in the late 80's, selling her bags to small boutique shops around the country. She and David then moved back to her hometown of Granville Ohio in 1992 and started the Art of the Midwest studio where they work and live today. If this is their work space, can I have a job? She was right to feature their space under the Inspiration link - it most certainly is.

I love the contrast of her modern pieces re-upholstered in the vintage-inspired fabrics. And the upholstered pieces and hardwood floors really warm up the functional metal work and storage stations. You can conveniently locate where to purchase Amy's fabrics, patterns and products on her website.


decor8 said...

God isn't Amy amazing? My idol!


sfgirlbybay said...

This place is SO great. I think I might be able to live in Ohio without missing San Francisco if I could have this place!