Tuesday, September 19

You really should see Yuri.

I found this wonderful artist from Daejeon, South Korea on The Beholder today and felt I must share. Her name is Yuri Shin and I just love the simplicity of her paintings. She seems to be to be a kind of modern-day Edward Hopper or David Hockney. This series is focused on the way colors interact with each other to evoke subtle, powerful emotions that are beyond the reach of words. Shin has been showing her work, which ranges from paintings and drawings to video and computer art, throughout Southern California and across the country, including showings at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and the American Film Institute.

You can view more of her lovely work on The Beholder and on Yuri's website.


Sydney said...

I love sites like The Beholder and Etsy; such great resources for artists and consumers. Wonderful to have a worldwide venue for their talents, and at pretty reasonable costs.

I agree, Yuri's work is very reminiscent of Hopper.

Kasey said...

I enjoy reading your site, espeically the photos. I linked to your site when I look for Masaki the ex-model in Japan, I have 2 books about her life style, I try to find more. I am a Taiwaness, live in Shanghai now with my French husband. I have a little blog myslef, but I write it in Chinese. If you would like to drop an eye on it, please welcome.

you have a nice blog. Cheers,


sfgirlbybay said...

Hi Sydney - I know - I love both these sites too! i want one of Yuri's paintings!

Hi Kasey - Love your site. Thanks for sharing it. I'll ask my friend Hijiri to translate for me! :)