Tuesday, October 31

Just what 2007 needs!

Talented ceramic designer Diana Fayt has a newly designed calendar out for 2007. It's twelve beautiful pages of Diana's designs printed on Japanese paper. I love her charming works of art - they make me want to display all 12 months at once! I'm thinking of clipping them to wire and stringing them all above my desk for artistic inspiration.

A calendar from a ceramics artist may seem unusual, but Diana has been venturing into the world of graphics and illustration on and off for the past few years. She had previously produced a calendar in 2005 which were sold mostly in Japan and a small number of them here in the States. 2006 proved to be a busy year for her much in-demand ceramic work, so after skipping a year, she's back at it for 2007. It all worked out well, in fact, because she had a head start for this year. There are just a limited number printed of Diana's calendars and they are going to be featured in the December issue of Domino Magazine's gift buying guide, so I suggest ordering soon, while they last. A beautiful way to ring in the New Year.


Anonymous said...

oh thanks for the info- i just emailed her!
it's beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am such a fan of her ceramics, but had no idea she worked in other mediums. thank so much for the tip/scoop!