Monday, October 2

Keep Calm.

I scored some really inexpensive art this weekend - a vintage looking
Belle & Sebastian at The Warfield poster I won on ebay, and this cool poster from World War II England "Stay Calm and Carry On" from the ATSF's Scavenger listing for craigslist. It seemed a most appropriate way to look at things. I dashed over to Ikea and picked up a couple of my favorite Ribba Frames and now I'm ready to hang 'em. Belle & Sebastian will hang among The Hives. I'm thinking 'Stay Calm' may need to hang in the bathroom and a whole new color scheme may be in the works. I'm thinking coral-pinks and greens...only time will tell. Stay tuned...oh, and check out this original that was posted on flickr. You can also order these at Barter Books in the U.K.


design*sponge said...

oh it's so fun to know what that poster is! i saw it in a photo of reform school's shop on my site and wanted to know where i could get it! hooray!

and congrats on the AT guest blog! :)


sfgirlbybay said...

thanks grace!

i love it so much and think it'll be fun in the 'loo'!

and congrats on the online shop - that's so cool. and thanks for donating to the spca - a cause near and dear to my heart.

wish me luck on the AT guest blog - hopefully the snarky commentaters don't get to me!

kk said...

"keep calm and carry on"-- how very Tim Gunn! I love it! :)

megan said...

love that poster. i saw that earlier. so was it a craigslist find? or AT classifieds find? i want one!

can't wait to see your contributions to AT. it will, surely, open an even larger fan base!


hildy said...

oh i saw that some where recently & thought it'd be perfect for my daughter who is figuring out where to appy to college and loves crowns.

Anonymous said...

So this is a World War II poster and you are reproducing it? Do you have the copyright for this phrase, did you get permission from the creator? i see you note in your shop it is a reproduction, but what gives you the right to reproduce it?

sfgirlbybay said...

Anon - it is a Public Domain image, one that was actually never used. So, it has no copyright or trademark. That's why you see several of them being reproduced out there on the internet.

From what I understan, it was bascially an idea that was designed to calm folks, but then never used during the Blitz.