Wednesday, October 18

Kudos Beholder.

California Home & Design magazine did a lovely write up on The Beholder in their November issue*. I can really relate to how Beholder creator Suzanne Shade describes the intimidating feeling one can get from gallery owners on first-time art buying trips. It's this philosophy that inspired Suzanne to create The Beholder online gallery. A place to get your feet wet, learn more about your personal taste in art, and discover some great talent that may have not yet made it to gallery walls. And, all at affordable prices for first time collectors. Congratulations on the article, Suzanne. Well deserved. And thanks for providing a fabulous online resource for us newbies to the art buying world.

One Babushka, Moscow, Russia by Kari Orvik, 16 x 20 Chromogenic Print, $375.

*In a curious coincidence, the photo on this cover of California Home & Design is my friends' home. It's amazing, so check out the inside pages for more.

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