Tuesday, October 24

Recipes for a tiny kitchen.

I don't think I've shared my funky little kitchen with y'all before, so today's the day. Like many of us, I'm very limited on space so I've had to find really inventive ways to shelve all my kitchen essentials. Most of these involve having things on display, since cupboard space is minimal. So its gotta look attractive, as well as be practical. Also, as you'll see, my kitchen tile is hideous (I'm the first to admit it - so it's okay). So I really had no choice than to create a bit of a kitschy atmosphere so the tile would (hopefully) blend into the background.

This vintage potato chip rack serves many purposes...wine rack, cookbook shelf and a place to display my many vintage trays, aprons & linens.

I've only been allotted one lonely cabinet for all my pots & pans, so I got this great magnetic knife holder and pot rack from Ikea, both were very inexpensive. I keep all my favorite cooking magazines stored in this galvanized magazine rack from a long lost Pottery Barn collection. Should you see one in your travels, scoop it up - they're very desirable.

I also have lots of mix & match dishes. So, instead of hiding them I embrace their diversity and display them on open shelves. They make me happy! Another thing I love is keeping bowls of fresh fruits and vegetables on display. They look pretty, quite appetizing, and it's another place to stash a big bowl out in the open!

I hope you can glean some space saving ideas from here. I think the main idea is to not lock all your favorites away. Instead use them to add personality and fun to your kitchen, just like you might spice up an old recipe. Just make it your own.


Anonymous said...

It's so cute. Are those tea towels or aprons piled up? What shade of blue paint is that?

sfgirlbybay said...

Hi there - thanks! yes, they are tea towels. The paint is an Ace Hardware generic house brand. I will look to see if I have the formula!

sfgirlbybay said...

Here is the paint color for those of you interested.

Ace Hardware 'Royal Touch' Flat Acrylic Latex Wall Paint #151D
Color Your Life NCP
Interior Latex
Royal Touch Flat 183
Color: Wind in the Willows

It has what looks like a formula that reads:

B 7
D 8
L 12

Anonymous said...

hey sfgirl!

your site is great. i just moved to sf 2 months ago and i'm still getting used to these small spaces...and limited parking!

thanks for sharing your ideas. they are very helpful.

btw, can i link your site to my blog? :)

sfgirlbybay said...

thank you odessa! welcome to san francisco! i would honored to be linked to your blog. thanks so much!