Sunday, October 15

Sunday in the Park.

I keep thinking what fun a day in the park a game of croquet would be. Why don't people play these lawn games anymore?

Croquet |krōˈkā| noun a game played on a lawn, in which colored wooden balls are driven through a series of wickets by means of mallets.


Anonymous said...

There are some croquet clubs in Marin and Napa counties where serious, tournament-level croquet is played regularly. Very fun to watch; take a picnic and make a day of it. The ball has something like a whopping 1/8th of an inch leeway in the wicket; watching croquet makes billiards tournaments seem like amateur night by comparison.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco Croquet Club
San Francisco, California
I totally forgot that there is a good croquet club in the City (and Oakland); the one in SF gives free introductory lessons and encourages visitors (but maybe not Cooper; too much temptation to chase the balls). Cheap, good entertainment!

(415) 928-5525
The lawns are in Stern Grove (19th Avenue & Wawona), open year-round for member play and guest events, including a free 3-hour Introductory Course on the first Saturday of every month. Reserve by phone. Visitors always welcome. Contact: Elaine Fong

jordan said...

Have you ever seen that group that goes to GG Park and dresses up like Alice in Wonderland characters and plays croquet? It is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

My family and I always end up playing croquet on my grandmas lwan when we go- its so much fun. And I seem to always win, so its lots and lots of fun.