Thursday, October 26

Switchplate Style.

My newest Etsy discovery: Robot Candy. I love these "Happily Handmade for Modern Guys and Gals" vintage-looking Switchplate Covers. Robot Candy products are made using recycled materials as much as possible. All items are coated in a durable, sparkly wonder called resin. What a fun way to cover the ordinary light switch.

Created in 2001 by Jenn Hill and Jenny Tiffany, Robot Candy strives to create handcrafted quality products using recyclable materials at affordable prices. Jenn and Jenny also have a great line of coasters made from recycled ceramic tiles. There's a great line of Greeting Cards, as well. Each card is printed individually, using hand carved blocks. They are carefully packaged with coordinating envelopes in cellophane sleeves. All cards are blank inside. They're really cute and one of a kind. Visit Robot Candy for more homemade goodness.

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Funky Finds said...

i've been on a squirrel kick lately...that switchplate is so cute!