Wednesday, November 15

Alla Prima Painting.

I think you're going to fall in love with Alla Prima Painting. Seattle-based painter R. Chunn, describes himself as 'Painter 24/7', and I can completely understand why he would say that after looking at his work. His paintings look like he never stops visually taking in his surroundings and putting them to canvas. He makes the most mundane and innocent subjects come to life with his brightly painted canvases and amazing geometric compositions.

I feel a bit of a whimsical Edward Hopper in his paintings, too. Unlike Hopper's work which occasionally makes me melancholy, some of R. Chunn's work makes me smile. Especially one's like 'Tin Car Jacking' and 'The Ink Thief.' They make me feel like I'm visiting a way cooler version of 'Toy Story.'

R. Chunn's oil paintings are all done directly from the subject in a single session. Maybe that's why he seems to really capture a fragment of life and light in the perfect moment.

You can see more of his work, including sketches and watercolors on his blog. He also has another great blog, Art Links, which he is quite generous to share. And thanks for posting your wonderful artwork on Flickr, or I never would have found you so I could share.

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Victoria said...

These are wonderful paintings.