Friday, November 10

The Black Apple

I adore the lovely paintings of The Black Apple. Better known as Emily Martin, self-described "curiosity peddler and picture scribbler". Her work has an innocent, fairytale quality and seem to tell little stories; perhaps autobiographical. I wonder? You can see and purchase her work on etsy and read more about Emily on her blog. This masked beauty is named Mysterious Genevieve.

The description she gave this painting called Appledress Girl is so charming: "All I can say for sure is that I am CERTAIN she is listening to Morrissey."

Each of her prints measures 8"x10", and include a white border for framing. They are printed on archival, smooth stock and is signed and dated by Emily. It was a difficult choice between Bird's Nest Girl and Squirrel Girl, but I broke down and bought Squirrel Girl - I can't wait to have it hanging in my bedroom!


Anonymous said...

awww :)
thank you, lady!
happy friday & xoxo,

Anonymous said...

I love Emily's work, and dream of buying one of her paintings someday!