Friday, November 3

Craigslist made easier.

Since I rarely click on any craigslist listing that doesn't have a picture, and I have been waiting for Craig to add a 'Photos Only' searching option for what seems like forever. If I have to double-click on a post and wait for the photo to upload, only to find one more hideous, beaten down sofa, I could go over the edge. Thus far, Craig hasn't come though, but somebody else did it for him.

I really like ListPic. It's a new site developed that shows you just the craigslist postings with photographs attached, and of all your search results on one page. And, the best part? Every listing has a thumbnail photograph for easy previewing. There's even a feature where you can enlarge all of the thumbnails via a button in the corner.

You can search by date, location, price, keywords - just like craigslist, but instead of a long list of posts you'll get something that looks like this. Here's a search I did for 'San Francisco', 'mid century modern', max $200.

Brilliant! So give ListPic a try. And, just to be clear, no hard feelings Craig, we love you too!


jordan said...

You just changed my life...

CeLee said...

I love craiglist... this makes my hunt so much easier - thank you!