Wednesday, November 29

Have you ever been to Muji?

Muji in London is one of my favorite shops. When my friend Casey and I were there a few years ago, we picked up these great little journals and a set of colored pencils and documented and illustrated our whole trip. Even the toothless pick-pocket, but that's another story.

They've had a few things available online for awhile now. But I checked in today for some gift shopping and noticed they've really added to the online inventory. I'd much rather go to London and pick them up, but what's a girl gonna do? Here's some of the great things you can find there.

Clockwise from left to right: This small brown Wooden Soup Bowl is so pretty, made entirely from natural wood. Great for warm soups on cold winter days and fresh salads in the warmer seasons or use them as sweet little snack servers.

These collapsible Cardboard Speakers are lightweight, and so portable they can travel with you anywhere and fold away when they are not in use. Plug them into the headphone socket of your personal stereo to enjoy the sound out loud.

This cute little Alphabet Rubber Stamp Set comes with A-Z lettering, various punctuation signs, 0-9 numbers and red and green ink pads. A very cute stocking stuffer.

I'm pretty sure I'm partial to this Knitted Dog because he has Cooper's soft, floppy ears. He's handmade from a wool mix fabric that is knitted together and brushed for an extra soft surface. Available in green, beige and grey.

Clockwise from left to right: French Coffee Press - the classicly designed French coffee maker has a really nice, sleek style. I love mine.

Incense and Candle Travel Set, packaged in a small tin with lovely fragrances including cinnamon and orange, nutmeg and clove and ginger fragrances each with their own ceramic incense holder. Nice for cheering up a stale hotel room.

Just like they used to hide maps on handkerchiefs during WWII, this
City Handkerchief
with a New York map on it so clever. There's also a London, Tokyo and Hong Kong version.

I really like these Striped Gloves. A sporty wool mix of stripes in brown, grey and white, they'll go with so many ensembles!

Muji is such a good source for stylish and unique items with simple, but wonderful design. If you can't get to London soon, check out the online shop for stationary, housewares, accessories, photo albums and so many other practical, yet well done items. Prices are listed in British Pounds so don't forget to check the conversion rate.


love.boxes said...

Love that city handkerchief. What a great collectible that would make? You could collect one from every city that you visited. :)

stella said...

when i lived in japan, my whole house was muji. muji makes furniture, toiletries, stationary, food/drink, clothes, bikes, all housewares, and so much more. now they even make houses in japan!