Tuesday, November 28

Love me a good dishcloth.

These must be the cutest dishcloths ever. Or at least, in the top ten on the very cute dishcloth list. Rose and Radish in Hayes Valley carry this gorgeous line of dishcloths from Atelier Lzc, France. France, but of course! Oui!

This Bird Dishcloth, in purple, is my very favorite of the collection. The green, pastel palette is pretty sweet, too. They're so unlike your ordinary old dishcloth; so fresh and modern they almost make you wish for dirty dishes. Or at least someone cute to dry dishes with so you can show them off.

The Peacock dishcloth is inspired by Russian design, with bold, bright colors and repeating patterns of Matriochka dolls, eggs, fish, peacocks and roosters. Who would have thought such a crazy combination of icons would look so great together?

Each towel is hand-made and screen-printed. And nice and big at 20" x 26", so plenty of dishes can be dried with these beauties.

They're all $16, and available Rose and Radish Online, or at their very fun and trendy shop on Gough Street in the ever bustling Hayes Valley, San Francisco.


jordan said...

You consistently post the raddest stuff. I'm still in love with your blog.

Anonymous said...

I love those so much that I've considered purchasing them to use as wall hangings, rather than for their intended purpose. They're far too pretty for my dirty dishes!