Wednesday, November 8

Thrifted Favorites.

As you know, I'm a big fan of thrifted accessories, furniture, art etcetera when decorating my apartment. Perhaps I was just born in the wrong era, because I'm a big fan of vintage cars, clothing and architecture as well. They just don't make 'em like they used to. And finding eclectic treasures I love makes me happy when I look around my home and remember where I found them. And my thrifted finds are usually my favorite finds. I even keep track of them in a little journal; where I found them, what I paid and any other fun tidbit I'd like to remember. Here are just a few of my thrifted favorites and below are some of my best resources for tracking down a good bargain. So splurge on the gorgeous sofa, but remember, thrifting is a girl's best friend.

Rattan Vintage Modern Chair - Alemany Flea Market, $10

Medical Table - Alameda Flea Market, $15

70's Retro Pillow - Alameda Flea Market, $5

This is a whole assortment of pottery and paintings I've gathered from many places.

Vintage Modern End Table - craigslist, $10

And, of course, Rico Suave - Alameda Flea Market, $35

Some of my favorite Thrifting Resources:


craigslist's listpic (NEW)

yard sales

omega salvage

alameda flea market

alemany flea market

the apartment

thrift town


Kelly said...

Hey craisglist lover- go to It was all your craigslist stuff, but just the pics at first. It's so addicitve. And I want your med table, so cute!

sfgirlbybay said...

kelly - you are so right! and i just blogged about listpic! i'll add it to the list! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love, love those retro pillows. Great finds. Thanks for sharing.