Saturday, December 9

Crafty Little Devils.

There are so many talented & crafty devils out there in flickr land, it's hard to select just a few. But I've compiled a bunch that I am fond of to share with you. If you're looking for unique and inexpensive gifts this year, there's a world of goods to be found on flicker. A lot of the designers on etsy post their handmade wares on flickr, so you can easily search by tags like 'crafts', 'handmade, 'sewn' and on and on. Just type in any tag you think might help you find what you're looking for and I think you'll be thrilled with what shows up. So much more thought and specialness to something handmade rather than store bought. And if you're crafty, maybe you'll get inspired here. If you want to see anything up close, just double-click on the image on my flickr link and it will take you right there. Homemade heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm one of the crafty-types (cream button covered purse on the left) on flickr. First time on your blog but thanks for the mention!