Friday, December 22

The Dubliners.

My very talented (and too far away) friend Kim Schoen sent me some pix of her recent mini break in Dublin. The home she and some friends rented looked so quaint and lovely, I wanted to share so we could all enjoy a little jaunt to Ireland. Kim has admirably retired from the corrupt world of advertising, where she lived the glam life in NYC, to become a true starving artist. She currently is finishing her MFA at the Royal College of Art in London. She is an über talented girl. She can't cook, writes poetry and is funny as hell. We all love and hate her very much. Over achiever. Remember the name. Fame is not far away. It's so bloody annoying.


decor8 said...

wow small world! i noticed she was just part of a group exhibition at the Kunstverein Langenhagen - which is the area of Germany where I just spent two months (I was in Hannover List but went to Langenhagen as well - it's part of Hannover). I'd love to see her work, but cannot find images at the links in your post. Do you have any links that show her work? I'd love to see it. And her home is peaceful and so lovely... Thanks for sharing! See you in 2007!!

sfgirlbybay said...

hi holly,

you can see one of Kim's projects here:

Living History

i think she'll be having some shows in London soon as well. she is one of my very talented best friends. i'm glad you saw her work in Germany - that does make the world seem smaller!

LeS said...

Um, how would one go about renting that cottage!!!? :)

sfgirlbybay said...

I'm not sure - I'll try and find out from Kim. It looks peaceful, hmmm?