Monday, December 18

A Peek at Doe.

I thought while I was thinking of Doe I'd share a quick peek at some of the great home accessories at their shop, as well as online. There's also some fun clothes for men and women, like some of their funky hoodies, and some really cute clothes for kids. As I've said, I think shopping at the Kim family's stores is a lovely way to show your support and caring.

Clockwise from left to right:

The Plush Cafe Squirrel Throw Pillow - a darling felt squirrel applique on corduroy, mustard on brown at 17x17". I'm starting to worry about my obsession with squirrels!

There's a great line of Artecnica dinner plates by Tord Boontje. So sweet, each one tells a little story.

I love this set of six Covo Ox single-petal, pastel ceramic dishes, made in Italy. I think I must have these.

This is a great little Thomas Paul Silk Flower Frame, 4" x 3". A very cute way to travel with family (or pet!) photos when you're on the road.

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** Terramia ** said...

A gorgeous collection of goodness...

And do not fret, I adore squirrels too! Adorable little guys... (: