Monday, December 4

Speaking of white.

Maybe I've become snow blind (how is that possible in San Francisco?), or I'm just in a Winter Wonderland kind of mood, but I really like white as a decor color these days. You can see this evidenced in my Flickr montage in the post below. So with that in mind, here's some really bargain priced white vases from Ikea that will offset the price of that Petrie Sofa you've just sprung for. It's all about balance: spend a little, save a little.

I love these Small Farm Vases and can't believe they're only $1.99 each. In fact I am going to buy all of them tomorrow. Seriously. I'm not sure if I'll use them in some kind of holiday decoration or not, but they would look sweet with just one sprig of greenery in each.

Should you want to go a little larger, all four of these vases would make a lovely grouping. Interesting shapes with textures, all quite affordable and very sleek and modern. Clockwise from left to right: Respekt Vase $3.99; Farm Vase $9.99; Mustig Vase $5.99; and the Karens Vase $14.99. All at fabulously inexpensive Ikea. It's Winter, so get your white on.


Anonymous said...

I seriously love this little vases. Damn you IKEA for being so far away!

** Terramia ** said...

I just adore white vases... the clean, simple lines add a touch of purity, if you will, to any space. Tres bien!