Tuesday, December 12

Three Sheets to the Wind.

My obsession with white continues...I saw these gorgeous white sheets on Design Public today and l-o-v-e them! They're not entirely white, however, they have really lovely, simple line-art screen prints on 100% cotton sheeting. One called Poppy Pod, and my favorite, and a must-have Dandelion.

Jenny Sauer’s company Three Sheets 2 The Wind is all about wabi-sabi. That "wabi-sabi" keeps popping up of late. We talked about it with Ray Dunn's ceramics in a previous post. Wabi-sabi is the Zen Buddhist idea that nothing is permanent, nothing is perfect, and nothing is complete. Jenny appreciates the simpler side of life, and strives to "understand that art--like life--never is, and never was meant to be, perfect." I love that - it's so true, in order to be a great artist you have to be able to fail, to not be perfect. Although, I don't think Jenny fails here in the least. I want to dive right in.

Jenny also has this amazing line of prints. I'm kinda freaking out because it's too hard to choose just one and I want all of them! Screen-printed on hand-dyed fabric and stretched over wood canvas. And this is only a small sampling - there's so many more great prints in a range of sizes!

You can order Jenny's wonderful line directly from Design Public. Thanks for sharing today, guys!

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