Thursday, January 11

Ikea Hackers Rule!

Have you ever visited the amazing blog Ikea Hacker? Jules, aka Ikea Hacker, was searching for Ikea hacks on the web one fine day when she had the oh-so-brilliant idea to bring all the hacks to one common place to share with humankind and enhance the world. Or at the very least, help and provide us laymen with tips on making our Ikea pieces look, well, like ten times better. It's a pretty brilliant site and has some really wonderful hacks. Clever, creative folks from all over can contribute their hacks to share with the rest of us. Some quite simple, and then some quite simply amazing, like Vince's sliding door room divider. Or Urbanmark's oak stained sideboard and Artdsngr's media cabinet.

There's some simpler, yet no less ingenious hacks like the cute skirt Melissa made from Ikea pillow cases. Or the fabulous, retro looking 'nudie-postage-stamp-lamp' created by zieak.

Many of these hacks have how-to instructions, so check Ikea Hacker out and fancy up those inexpensive Ikea finds. Or share one of your own hacks! Jules is ready and waiting to post them. As she says, 'Ikea hacks for a better Ikea'.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. Please come see my blog and what I have planned. I somehow think you might like it. And maybe you could do a hack of your own for us!

Anonymous said...

The skirt out of 2 pillows is a briliant idea ! love the outcome.