Saturday, January 20

I'm Smitten.

I love the photography and the audio on I'm Smitten almost as much as Ashley Alexander's designs. When I go there, the mellow, alternative tune of the Rachel's sort of lures me into I'm Smitten's animal wonderland. It's kind of dream like, as are her prints.

I'm Smitten reminds us that as children we believed in animals - they could talk and wear regular clothes and sometimes go to school. My personal favorite was Mr. Peabody, with Underdog following in a close second (however, technically, Underdog is really a super hero). Ashley decided to bring that imaginative magic back into the adult world and take her artwork off her walls and offer it to ours. The idea being "so that everyone could have something pretty and a little bit strange to add to their day." I like this philosophy, but then I can be fond of the strange, odd, and out of the ordinary.

You can find her lovely prints or the t-shirts, buttons, handbags and stationery she's added her mysterious images to online, or you can check for stores in your neighborhood (including Korea and Scotland!).


Anonymous said...

I've got to have the mens tee. How cool is that!

kstyle said...

Love these. k

Anonymous said...

I love I'm Smitten and think they have such great ideas, but I want more! Every time I go to the site nothing has changed...they need to produce more products.

design dna said...

where have i seen this? is there an ad with a goat in an evening gown running in the deep woods? or maybe 2 holding hands running? brain..