Monday, January 1

Like hunting for truffles.

I've had lots of time to relax this past week (i.e. sloth). So I actually took some time to check out other blogs and design resources. Like truffles, they are plentiful, yes, but hard to find really good ones to share. So if you take a look, you'll see lots of new links to the left. If you'd ever like to share something I'm missing (and there must be so much!) please drop me a line. Enjoy!

This lovely work is from Leo Hillier, one of the new artists I discovered in my browsing. I believe these are actually all forms of mushrooms, not truffles, but hey, you get my drift.


Secret Susan said...

sweet shrooms

LEO said...

Hello! I'm the artist. Prints of this can be ordered here:

Thanks for putting the image up, I really appreciate the feedback.