Wednesday, January 10

Paper your walls.

One of my favorite resources for inexpensive, yet wonderful and unique artwork is The Beholder. And curator, creator Suzanne Shade has some brand new artists in her quarry of talent. No time like the present (2007!) to start investing in your own personal art collection. Who needs to drop another senseless hundred bucks at Targét (you know this happens, when you only went in for the super size shampoo). I really love this photography by Paul Paper. Paul lives and works in Lithuania, and has been shooting since the age of 17. He has been exhibited in France and Sweden, and published by Frankie and This is a Magazine in Australia and Italy. Paul shoots spontaneously, capturing what he calls "the tiny tiny miracle in boring every day." His transition from recreational to professional came gradually, and thanks to collectives like Young Photographer's United in Belgium, is getting worldwide exposure. See more of his work at itismyparty.

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Anonymous said...

his style is so unique - love his work!!