Wednesday, January 24

Scrappy Girl meets SFGirlbybay.

Many thanks to Scrappy Girl, aka Catherine Halley, for the post about my Jasper sofa today on Domino Blogs! She's been desperately seeking sofa inspiration and found some in the photos I posted of my Jasper. You can follow the escapades of Scrappy Girl, as she attempts to decorate her Brooklyn apartment on a budget. We're here for you Scrappy Girl, and it most definitely can be done!


Unknown said...

Yeah Victoria!! :)

High five *slap*

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks holly! i'm pretty jazzed.

even though domino is one of our advertising clients i've never told them about my blog because i wanted sfgirlbybay to be recognized for it's own merit. so, i'm really happy about the post. next challenge: getting in the magazine! ;)

my hyggelig said...

I've got the same couch - sort of....check it out. I'm just starting my blog adventure; thanks for being an inspiration. You lucky SF dog - give the beach a hug for me.

Looking forward to seeing your apartment and you on tv - Small Space is one of my favorite shows.

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks Sigrid! And thanks so much for sharing your new blog. I think you'll find it a great creative outlet and something you'll grow addicted to.

And thanks for the link to SF Chicks with Sticks - I knit so I may have to check that out. I love the one token guy in the pix - good for him!

my hyggelig said...

The guy is seemingly not token - more like a ring leader - he is there every week. I took my first knitting class at ImagiKnit and had one guy in my class. He was so sweet, and oddly in SF - straight. :) I hope you get to go knit @ Bliss, I moved before I got a chance to visit, but check out the projects often as it is such great inspiration.

Thanks for the encouragement.