Monday, January 29

Simply Sublime.

I don't know if you've ever seen Austin-based artist Jenny Hart's amazing stitchery, but I've been a big fan for some time now. She creates amazing works of art with her embroidery needles, hoop and colorful threads. Take a look at these great portraits of , Roger Miller, a tough little cowgirl entitled Them's Fighting Words, and Meg and Jack of The White Stripes. They're brilliant. When I was high school embroidery was hot! You always had to embroider your denim shirts and low cut jeans, or like, you were just a nobody! I had one shirt that was completely threadbare, but I'd put so much work into it, I just couldn't bear to part with it. My own little work of art. Not quite up to Jenny's stitchery, but I loved it and wore it with silly school girl pride.

When Jenny's not creating her artful stitchery, she's making fun and unique embroidery patterns for us. Sublime Stitching has got a great assortment of patterns to choose from at only $3 each, including themes like Tattoos Your Towels, Sushi Bar and Scooter Babes. You can also order Starter Kits, blank 'canvases' such as tea towels, baby bibs, pillow cases, even banners. Everyone needs a banner! A fun way to create lovely art for your home.

There's even a flickr group dedicated to Sublime Stitching projects from fellow embroidery enthusiasts. Lots of inspiration here. You can also check out Jenny's Sublime Stitching Book and create your own embroidered works of art.


An Odd Duck said...

Your apartment is lovely. I also have been admiring sublime stitching from afar. I lived in Austin for a while, and seeing all of the crafters coming out of there now makes me particularly nostalgic. Anyways, I really enjoy your blog.


Nicole Welch said...

How fun! I love to embroider (holdover from my Church's junior Sewing Circle) and these patterns will definitely make me take it up again!