Wednesday, January 3

Sometimes I have to laugh.

I adore Anthropologie. Really, you know I do. But this is so amusing to me. They call this the Uncut Chair and it's a whitewashed pine wood chair by Michael Warren, with one acrylic leg and one acrylic spindle.

It retails for $248.00. Wow. And apparently, it takes four to six weeks to make this. I have a chair like this I got for five bucks at a yard sale. Maybe with an acrylic towel bar I could rig this up, sell them and help pay for the new sofa!


kiminottawa said...

is that a joke? please tell me that's a joke, especially for $248. It doesn't even look nice. It looks like a $5 yard sale chair with an acrylic towel bar leg!

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,

I agree with you about Anthropologie. Some lovely things. And some crazy things. Like this chair.

I may have emailed you with a plea for helping me with my home, but I may have emailed a random person instead. A long story, but I asked if you would possibly consider helping me bring some color into my tiny little Russian Hill apartment. I'm happy to pay you or ply you with snacks and recipes, whatever. I loved the pics of your home on your house tour and am hoping you can help me with mine.

If you'd consider it, please get in touch!


PS: I just noticed that there are TWO acrylic pieces in the chair. Now I see why it takes so long to make.

pinkmohair said...

You guys are a bunch of philistines. This is ART so stop being so narrow minded. (By the way, I'm selling our last month's toilet paper cardboard rolls...I've drawn little smiley faces on them and there is no wait at all, if that's your main complaint.)

Another Shade of Grey said...

Pfffft...I feel like such a dork. I did a post on Anthropologie and put this in as one of my favorite things. I must not have been wearing my glasses that day or in the mood to read because I had no clue the chair had an acrylic leg and spindle until reading this post. LOLOLOL

atomicamy said...

I quickly glanced at the pic first before I read your post and thought that's terrible, what is she thinking. Then I read your post and laughed.

That's not art, sorry. That's highway robbery.

It doesn't look good- at all. And even for the price, it's a ridiculous piece.

Anonymous said...

I like the piece. It's now on sale for $99 and I bought it. I like combination of old & new. Call me crazy. I plan to put it in our small cottage that is decorated with a mix of vintage and modern pieces. By the way, can anyone help me with the designer? Is it the Irish sculpter, Micheal Warren?

sfgirlbybay said...

i liked it too when i first glanced at it. however, it seemed sort of beat-up for a retail store. then i saw the lucite. it's just kinda crazy expensive is what i'm saying. i'm glad anonymous got it for $99.

and it is art, as we all know - art is so very subjective. so if ya like it, enjoy it.