Thursday, January 25


There's a really great shop in the ever so charming Cole Valley called Stumasa. I tried looking up the word in the dictionary, hoping for a definition, but alas, there is none. So let's pretend it's Latin for 'unfinished furniture'. Stumasa carries a really wide range of affordable solid wood home furnishings, such as bookcases, dressers, chests and tables. But one of the coolest things about the shop is that they also offer custom-built bookcases and furniture. You just provide them with a rough sketch and dimensions and they'll give you a quote. Depending upon how well you can draw, it could be fantastic!

Most of the wood pieces in their collection have been left unfinished, giving you the option of leaving the wood as is and just giving it a nice sheen of polish. Or you can give it a coat of paint or stain. You can do just about anything you dream up to make their furnishings fit your needs and the color scheme in your room. Stumasa also specializes in environment-friendly paints and stains, which is a nice plus. So if you can't find that particular piece to fit that awkward stairwell, closet, or alcove, Stumasa is an affordable and creative resource.


Anonymous said...

Its an anagram of satsuma!

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks violetrose!

And Satsuma means:

1 a tangerine of a hardy loose-skinned variety, originally grown in Japan.

2 ( Satsuma or Satsuma ware) Japanese pottery from Satsuma, ranging from simple 17th-century earthenware to later work made for export to Europe, often elaborately painted, with a crackled cream-colored glaze. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: named after the province Satsuma .

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's a blend of the owner's last name and her husband's last name-Maybelle Imasa and Greg Stukuls (the shop was originally her husband's venue for selling unfinished furniture, but Maybelle has a fantastic eye for cool stuff, so it was inevitable that the store would evolve). I'm sure Maybelle would love the Satsuma idea though!