Tuesday, January 23

Tagged! I'm it!

There's a little offbeat, blogger fun going around and I got tagged by ohmyGooshness. Apparently I need to share with you six weird things about myself:

1. I cannot wear dark colored socks around the house. They have to be white.

2. I come from circus blood. My great-grandparents had a travelling circus, and had they not lost it due to gambling and drink, I could be flying on a trapeze somewhere.

3. I re-write my grocery list if the handwriting looks sloppy. Sometimes more than once.

4. I have a bit of O.C.D. My friend once said to me, "I just thought you were tidy. I had no idea you were mentally ill."

5. I sing really badly rhymed and out of tune songs to my dog, but he smiles when I do it.

6. I think ketchup on hotdogs is disgusting, but delicious on a grilled cheese sandwich.

I tagged Michelle Caplan, decor8, But of course, no pressure to join the frivolity.


Chris Brown said...

That's funny...your number 2 is interesting. I've also been tagged. See my number 3 at www.urbanprairierefueled.blogspot.com
- very strange & cool!

Chris Brown

victoria@sfgirlbybay.com said...

i'm from the Downey Family Circus. it's true, i'm afraid.

** Terramia ** said...

Love learning more and more about thee wonderful and creative design bloggers in this incredible blogosphere! (;

22209 said...

Just curious .. do you really think 4 is different from 3? :)

victoria@sfgirlbybay.com said...

22209 - you are absolutely correct. my tendencies towards O.C.D. reach many levels.

erika said...

weirdo! cute but weird. love your blog!

holly said...

my dog gets a terrible version of moon river. he seems to like it! anyway, fun learning this stuff about you!

Wishful Thinking said...

I totally rewrite things all of the time too! And I love ketchup on my grilled cheese!