Tuesday, February 6

Flea Markets in Your Neck of the Woods?

I'd like to start a list on sfgirlbybay of flea markets from all over - the States, Paris, London etc. It seems most of you love a good flea market so I'd love to provide that resource for you. If you know of one you'd like to share, please email me (my link is top left on this site) and I'll add it to the list. Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

Nothing to add (you already got my favorite in Alameda) but just wanted to say thanks for compiling such a great resource! Flea markets are always amazing to go to while traveling.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a website where you can find some markets in the old part of Amsterdam (De Jordaan): http://www.jordaanmarkten.nl/

The best market is the Noordermarkt on Monday morning where you can find vintage clothing, pottery and furniture. One of the best stalls is Get Back: http://www.getback-design.nl/Noordermarkt_english.html

It is a great way to spend a Monday morning!

** Terramia ** said...

Ohhhhhh, I adore flea marketing... (:
Where does one begin? I count my lucky stars the southwest coast of British Columbia is concentrated with delightfully delicious flea markets (although it can be a bit of a seasonal venture! But if you look, you will certainly find...teehee)

The most popular flea market in the area by far is the *Vancouver Flea Market* downtown on Terminal Ave which is open all year... it is the largest in the city with over 360 stalls under one roof: http://www.vancouverfleamarket.com/Auction/Home.asp
It has an atmosphere reminiscent of European markets and bargaining is a fun must-do!

The eclectic and ever-intriguing Commercial Drive also has a cool flea market:

Night markets are superb in the summer months here in Van (the best are in Chinatown and Richmond)... a definite shopping trip in the warm July evenings.
Here is a cool site listing a myriad of open air markets across North America (note some of the links are outdated)...

All the quays in the Greater Vancouver area have a captivating market ambience... such as *Lonsdale Quay* and *Westminster Quay*
My favourite all-season visit is *Granville Island Market*... kiosks are full of goodness and available for perusing all year round.
Here are some more enchanting places:

*Best of the West Antique Expo
Tradex Exhibition Centre* in Abbotsford is très fun...
BC's largest antique show attracts dealers from across western Canada, who bring a variety of antiques, such as vintage clothing and jewelry, linens, furniture, glass, sewing, 20th century ceramics and decorative arts and native art et cetera. Great deals to be had here!

*Burnaby Lake Antiques Fair* at
Burnaby Lake Sports Centre has more than 300 tables and booths of antiques and collectibles. A maze of amazing stuff (does that make sense?!)

On Vancouver Island, where I live, there are also heaps of alive n' thriving places to visit... this site covers the basics:
There are also lots of cultural centres out and about that offer the occasional slammin flea market (you just have to keep your ears tuned...)

*Thumper's Flea Market* in Duncan is great, as well as *Speedway Swap n' Shop* in Langford.
The *Tillicum Flea Market* is a gem of a place... this show boasts thousands of old and new items to choose from, including dinnerware, pottery, stoneware, lamps, furniture and antique collectibles. Super fun!

*Saanich Fairgrounds* occasionally offers primo flea markets... again, you just have to stay in the loop to hear the if-and-when.

Visit the Gulf Islands in the on-season and you will find a cornucopia of local crafts and bargain basement deals! (I crave those ferry day trips!)

And, lastly... garage sales in Victoria are THE best. The concentrated city offers easy access to any which corner... and that equals more pitstops on a bright and early Saturday morning! Plus, the city is full of heritage and Old World charm... hence, there are many well-to-do neighbourhoods such as Oak Bay and Uplands that can serve up unbelievably fantastic garage sale finds. Many incredible antique deals to be had here in Victoria during the warm, dry months!
Hence, garage sale treasure hunting has to be my favourite summer pastime! I have so many amazing finds...

So there you have it.. a "Reader's Digest" version of bargain shopping a la flea market style here in the southwest corner of beautiful British Columbia. Come up for a visit... but be prepared to race me to the bargain finish line!!

~ Namaste, *Terramia* (:

Anonymous said...

We're gearing up for a trip to London next week -- woo hoo! -- and I'm planning two full Saturdays trolling the Portobello Road Market (where, back in the day, I nursed many a Saturday-morning hangover with delicious samosas ... ).

Also on the agenda: Camden Passage, Old Spitafields Market, Brick Lane, Greenwich Market, and Bermondsey.

This page has a good overview of the various London flea/street markets: http://www.streetsensation.co.uk/markets.htm.


sfgirlbybay said...

Oh wow! Thanks everyone - there's been a great response - here and I also recieved a ton of emails. I've some compiling to do! I'll be working on that over the next few days and updating as we search the universe for all the fabulous fleas.

I love everyone's participation - thanks so much!

And, Terramia - you're just an over-achiever! ;) Thanks for all the great info!

sfgirlbybay said...


Terramia - do you know Munro's Books in Victoria?


My cousin Wendy has worked there FOREVER. Drop in and say hi!

Asli said...

well the annex flea markets in NYC are great. they have multiple locations all of which I find amazing things in. http://www.hellskitchenfleamarket.com/

But the place closest to my heart is in Istanbul... If you ever visit, you have to make a trip to "Horhor Antikacilar Carsisi", an antique shop for mainly furniture, and "Bit Carsisi" which translates directly to "flea market" which is close to the Grand Bazaar...

** Terramia ** said...

Oh yes... will do, Victoria! I simply adore Munro's! I am a very regular visitor there... tis just a toodle doo down the road from me. Hello, Wendy... (:

Anonymous said...

This will be such a great resource! I'm looking forward to finding out about flea markets along the East Coast. yAy!

charlotte said...

In London, in addition to all the markets there are often car boot sales where, if you're lucky, you can pick up real gems at much cheaper prices. Here's a link to some of the regular car boots: