Saturday, February 17

Flocks of a Different Color.

I was checking out the fantastic U.K. magazine, Living etc. (thanks, Ahn-Minh!) and came to the 'At home with..." feature, which this month features Helen David. She's the glam designer behind English Eccentrics, once known only for flamboyant fashion. Ms. David took a five-year break to attend the Royal Academy of Art to pursue her passion for art. Yeah for her! She came back with a whole new perspective, re-launched English Eccentrics and has now added housewares to her line. And, wow, she came back with a flair for color! And, of all the crazy things - flocked things! There's something so 1960's Twiggy or Mary Quant about these pieces. I can see them in some old English manor taken over by some Brit pop band. Yeah, man!

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