Saturday, February 10

I Want Sugar.

It's a rainy Saturday here in San Francisco, so I'm being a bit of a sloth. Drinking my homemade latte (I can't be bothered to walk up the street and get one) and cruising around the fabulous worldwide web. I can't be sure which link led me to discover this wonderfully fun art installation of a fake cupcake cafe created by Lisa Solomon and Tara Goe, but what a cool find. This fabulous fake cafe displays some of Lisa's drawings of inedible cupcakes and an amazing wall of Tara's cupcake sleeve installation. Very impressive! They hand painted the checkerboard floor, added an awning and painted the shop pink to give the shop even more panache. I love the 'I Want Sugar' hand painted on the storefront. And yes, that seems to be a portrait of Condi Rice in a cupcake sleeve - who knew that besides GW she loved a good cupcake? Their art installation will be up at Mama Buzz Cafe in Oakland through February 23rd, so try and make it over to the east bay to see it in person. In the meantime, you can see more photos on Lisa's flickr photoset.

Lisa's work can also be found at Underdog Ink, The Beholder online art gallery and Lisa Solomon dot com. I tried to find a link displaying more of Tara Goe's work, but alas I failed. If someone knows of it, I'd love to know more about her. Lisa tells me this was Tara' brainchild, so there must be more good stuff out there! I think I may have to hit the corner market for some Betty Crocker now, I'm now craving a pretty frosted cupcake in a big way.

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