Saturday, February 24

In Honor of Oscar.

You may have noticed I went missing yesterday. Sorry about that, but I'll share a glimpse of my day with you. I was in Los Angeles for the day producing a photo shoot with none other than, Miss Sharon Stone (and yes, she looked great and was very charming). We were on the old Paramount Studios lot, on Stage 21 where from 1962-1964 Lucille Ball's The Lucy Show was filmed - which was pretty darn fun!

I snuck away and was wandering around the back lot through their 'old New York' streets and then, by accident, found their honorary display case with all the Academy Awards the studio has ever won for Best Picture. They were quite shiny and very lovely, and went way back to some of my favorite films, like 1953's Roman Holiday. As a huge film fan, it was an exciting and really fun day to be there. Back to real world and real content tomorrow.


paris parfait said...

You lucky girl! Sounds like a fabulous day. Thanks for sharing the highlights.

Anonymous said...

What were you shooting lovely Sharon for?

sfgirlbybay said...

It was a photo shoot for our client Condé Nast Publications. A long day, but lots of fun.