Thursday, February 1

Let there be funky light.

Anthropologie has some lovely lighting these days. I was in the Marin store last weekend and the art director in charge of their store displays deserves some serious kudos. Hanging in the center of the store is an amazing retro-modern looking prismatic chandelier the likes of something I've never seen. Totally original and gorgeous. I can't afford it, but it's nice to be able to admire it. And I wasn't alone - many of the people in the store were looking up and appreciating the unusual work of lilluminating art.

And I would very much appreciate anyone who might be able to talk me out of buying this gorgeous table lamp known as the fruiteria lamp. It's so much prettier in person. I really love the colorful stacked glass in citrus shapes. Juicy!

And, I also love the chunky, clean simplicity of their Glass Boulder Lamp. Chunky? Yes. Still sleek - yes! Nice lighting selection indeed. Not entirely inexpensive, but unique, definitely.


Staci said...

Anthropologie makes me laugh. I too am a huge fan of their stores, but only rarely buy anything there. This is a perfect example why. A friend of mine made me a chandelier similar to this one out of some glass chards we picked up in a stained glass remainders store. We bought the wiring at Home Depot. It's beautiful. Grand total: $152.

sfgirlbybay said...

Hi Staci - your DIY chandelier sounds great! If you send me a photo, I'd love to link it to this post.

ali said...

victoria, i saw the same chandelier at the anthro in downtown sf!