Friday, March 23

Good dog! Good!

Okay, I just couldn't resist posting these obedient little pups . I found these crazy noddlers roaming around Rose and Radish and they just made me smile. Noddlers just aren't for dashboards anymore. Perhaps a kitschy shelf display, proudly alert and ready to nod. Should your preferences lean towards woodland creatures, they also carry some wildlife noddlers: fawns, squirrels, bunnies and bears. Oh my!


** Terramia ** said...

The German Shepherd is my all time favourite! Reminds me of my beloved canine companion growing up... all white and named Sugar. Such a sweetie!

Di Overton said...

In the UK people have these nodding dogs in the back of their cars, they drive you crazy if you get behind one.

kstyle said...

These are beyond cute. love them, k