Monday, March 5

Mod Green Pod.

How could you not love a place with a name like Mod Green Pod? It just rolls off the tongue. Mod Green Pod is dedicated to offering products that are environmentally-friendly and home-healthy, so they only use 100% organic cotton for their exquisite line of fabrics and clean, vinyl-free finish for their fancy collection of wallpapers. Co-founders and sisters-in-law Nancy and Lisa Mims loved swank design and sustainable goods, but they couldn't find anything that combined the two. Refusing to choose one over the other, they started their own company. Mod Green Pod’s debut line is the Jubilee collection, silk-screened by hand in fun, bright colors and patterns which merge clean, modern lines with a baroque classic, the damask.

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Natalie said...

what a great idea - it's so wonderful to see so many companies going green.