Sunday, March 4

Remember your first boygirlparty?

Q: "What is boygirlparty?"

A: "A boygirlparty, besides being the name of my business and website and sometimes pseudonym, is the first party you go to as an adolescent that has all sorts of kids at it (girls and boys) that you're not used to playing with. It's exciting and strange. Maybe you play spin-the-bottle. The term, to me, is loaded with all different kinds of child-like wonderment and energy. Also, boygirlparty is one word. It just is."

These are the words of Susie Ghahremani. They make me smile. She's an illustrator, musician and self-titled 'stuff maker'. Her really fun 'stuff' can be shopped at boygirlparty. Susie is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and a recent California transplant, living in sunny San Diego. I found adorably charming prints, recipe cards, magnets, shopping totes, postcards and stationery. They make me smile, too.


vania said...

Hi, i'm so glad i came upon your blog - it's wonderful! I'm coming to San Francisco for the first time this April, and your blog (especially the side bars) is quickly becoming a great resource for me!

Unknown said...


sfgirlbybay said...

thanks craft vegan! if i can be of any help planning your trip - just let me know.

thanks holly! i'm feeling very 'zen'. :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you featured this two days before Daily Candy. I wonder if they are copying you. Regardless, I love reading your blog. You are always ahead of the curve!

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks Mistral! i noticed that too. it's so random, as I was just looking at her artwork and saw that she had an online shop so i decided to post it. but she deserves praise from where ever it comes from - so yeah for Susie!