Saturday, March 10

Speaking Swedish.

Maybe Mönstermonstret means 'nice blog' in Swedish. I doubt it, but since I can't speak Swedish, I'm going to pretend. Does anyone know what it really means? Anyway, since it's got pretty pictures, like this one, I'll keep checking back.


Anonymous said...


Mönster = designs, patterns, but I can't help you with monstret... maybe it has something to do with monster... The Design Monster?

Anyway, it's a nice blog!
{and so is yours...}

Anonymous said...

Mönstermonstret translates to patternmonster.


/Sippan , sweden

Jo Walker said...

West German pottery, love it. Thanks for the photo and the link!

sfgirlbybay said...

Ahhh, thanks for the translation! And the nice comments.