Wednesday, April 25


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts (besides the airport drama) these last few days. Sometimes real life takes over and after having my flight from Dallas arrive so bloody late, I've just been plum tuckered out (in the words of my Dallas compadres). I came home after a nutty day at work today trying to catch up and needed to prepare to host my good friend's pre-wedding dinner party tomorrow night, so basically, I haven't a thing to say, except I promise to be back in full force this weekend and I appreciate all your kind notes and support. I'll do my best to make up for it! Thanks so much...


Anonymous said...

Wow! so you are all set to organise your friend's pre-wedding dinner! Great going! I hope that your friend has a fantastic wedding ahead.

Unknown said...

I love these images you find Victoria. And I'm happy you are back safe from Dallas and those storms.

It's funny, whenever I see these pale washed pink, I think of you - no matter where I am!