Wednesday, April 11

Seeing Green.

Meet Guest Blogger Catherine McCulloch: California flea market girl marries contemporary furniture guy and embarks on a new life combining chipped furniture with very expensive leather couches.

After living in San Francisco for so long my wardrobe was an ever-functional black, grey and dark denim. My apartment was cozy white, beige, sand, cream.

When I moved from California to Florida two years ago my eyes took some time to adjust to the symphony of color that people wear year round here. I maintained my monochromatic desires in both décor and wardrobe. It felt comforting to me to have a white sectional accessorized with a camel throw, taupe walls and a tone-on-tone camel rug.

I did venture into a pale blue paint for the guesthouse walls, a different pale blue for my baby boy Max’s room. A different pale blue yet for the dining room.

But now all I can see is green. Not the much-used-of-late apple green, and not a dark green either. But a fresh, crisp grass green.

I’m loving it. All of a sudden I see shades of it everywhere.

A bag from Ikea.

A sweatshirt from Old Navy called ‘grass blade’.

A Judy Ross Pillow.

Driving home this past weekend from the beach, my eyes were awakened by the beauty of all the fresh green trees alongside the road.

I have taken a deep breath and finally opened my eyes to the color that abounds in Florida. Leaving San Francisco was incredibly hard. But moving across the country to marry a man I fell in love with in a castle in Ireland is a beautiful adventure that teaches me lessons every day. If even something as small and delightful as discovering I too can love and perhaps even decorate with, green.

- Thanks for the lovely guest post Catherine!


Anonymous said...

Am so with you on the green, I've done our whole dining room green and it creeps into every room in our house, I just love it. That IKEA bag's great, not seen it in UK IKEAs.

Anne said...

I've been green obsessed lately as well!! It's just so delicious, fresh, and inviting... yet warm and playful... ahhhh green... ;)

marta said...

your posts are incredibly inspiring. i agree with you whole heartedly about green. it goes with everything. and is so darn springy.

i got the jumbo green ikea bag and wish i had bought the mini version too. so handy and freaking adorable.